Month: January 2010

Waterproof Bat Handle Toggle

We want to provide  a short description of what a Toggle switch is and how it can be incorporated into your design. We are featuring NTE’s Waterproof Toggle and below you will find a link with the specifications for various kinds.  A toggle switch is a mechanism that does one of only two things:… Read more »

Could the global network be a thousand times more efficient?

By Ron Wilson, Executive editor — EDN, 1/12/2010 A research project that apparently began as a speculation among Bell Labs engineers in Ireland and the UK has grown into a global consortium determined to reduce energy consumption in the global information network. The Green Touch initiative, announced Monday, includes service providers AT&T, China Mobile, Portugal… Read more »


  By Paul Traynham, Field Application Engineer, Littelfuse®, Inc. Pat Bellew, Product Test Engineer, Littlefuse®, Inc. ABSTRACT Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are commonly used for transient over-voltage suppression in many  applications  such  as:  Transient  Voltage  Surge  Suppressors  (TVSS),  Uninterruptable  Power Supplies  (UPS),  AC  Power  Taps,  AC  Power  Meters  or  other  products.  Events  such  as  lightning,… Read more »

Bye, bye bad 2009. Welcome to a sunnier 2010

By Rob Spiegel, Contributing editor — Electronic Business, 1/5/2010 It goes without saying that 2009 was a tough year for the electronics industry. With the notable exception of laptops “ which grew in unit shipments throughout the year“ and LCD-TVs, most product segments suffered significant declines. That started to change in the third quarter as… Read more »

Build Vishay into your Design

Amongst the excellent manufacturering names, Vishay is the elite product specialist.   Top Super12 Featured Products list. Industry’s First 75-V-Rated Tantalum Capacitors 597D and T97 Multi-Anode Tantalum Capacitors More Info__________________________________________________________________ Industry-Best Power Density for Mainstream Multi-phase Vcore Applications DrMOS 6×6 – SiC769 More Info______________________________________________________________ High-Power Resistor Shunts for High-Current Applications High-Power Shunt (Current Sense) Resistors More… Read more »

Clean Energy Debate

Below you will find an interesting article written back in Oct 2009 by Brian Coppa from the Green Business Examiner As the health care debate winds down, the next major national debate will focus on energy reform. The investor coalition Ceres and the Clean Economy Network organized a clean energy debate forum this week at the… Read more »

Revolution in Clean Energy Technologies

WASHINGTON, DC, October 26, 2009 (ENS) – Liquid metal grid-scale battery technology that could enable constant energy supply from intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power…  A bioreactor that has the potential to produce a flow of gasoline directly from sunlight and carbon dioxide using two microscopic organisms and ending U.S. reliance… Read more »

Keeping an eye on the LED market : Kingbright releases Helio Line

Solid State is pleased to feature Kingbright as one of the hot up and coming franchises in 2010. We are seeing a peeking interest on an global level on the LED Technology and we want to feature a product that was announced in Nov. 2009.  Kingbright unveils Industry First 0603 Dome Lens Package- Helios SMD LEDs… Read more »

The Hot 100 Electronic Products of 2009 featured on EDN News

  As we start the new year we look back at 2009 and ponder on what will make the list in 2010. With innovation at hand we will be featuring new technologies all year and create a list of our own with the help of our franchise lines.  Solid State Inc, will be strategically featuring… Read more »