Value Added Electronic Manufacturer Services

Equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment and experienced technicians, we can choose and test special selections for our customers’ specific requirements as well as providing other value-added services. For our electronic manufacturer services, we also work closely with Third-Party testing for those services we can not perform in house.

Value Added Services include:

  • Electrical Testing
  • Upscreening ( Mil Spec, Temp and Speed )
  • Solderbility Test
  • Product Programming
  • Tape and Reeling
  • Re-Tinning
  • Decapsulation- Die Verification 
  • RoHS Compliant Testing
  • PB- RoHS Conversions
  • Tin Whiskering
  • BGA Conversions
  • XRF Analysis
  • FET & Dual FET Testing
  • SCR & Triac Testing
  • Opto Testing
  • Unijunction Testing
  • Zener Testing
  • Transistor Testing
  • Custom Branding

If you are interested in any of these electronic manufacturer services when you are choosing your power supply components, contact Solid State Inc. or submit a request for quote form with your current need.