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How to Source Hard-to-Find Electronic Parts

thyristor | hard-to-find electronic parts

The sourcing of certain components at times presents difficulties. Some electronic parts are obsolete and no longer produced, making them hard to find. Electronic parts procurement has also had unprecedented challenges in recent years, with the coronavirus pandemic being one of the more recent hurdles, especially for those components that are hard to find. Electronic… Read more »

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Transistors?

One of the greatest inventions in the history of electrical engineering occurred in 1947 at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in New Jersey. The transistor was invented, and its inventors – William Shockley, Walter Brattain, and John Bardeen – were later awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1956. The transistor created a revolution in electronics… Read more »

Finding a Reliable Electronic Component Distributor

electronic component distributors

After the disruptions in supply chains, high inflation, and labor shortages in 2022 as the United States recovered unevenly from the COVID pandemic, electronic component distributors were looking to 2023 with hope. Though there’s still a bit of a semiconductor shortage globally, the sector has essentially returned to normal, with price pressures easing, particularly for… Read more »

What is the Difference Between Forward Bias and Reverse Bias?

bergquist distributors | what is forward bias and reverse bias

With the evolution of technology, electronics manufacturers continue to make choices between devices and methods to enable certain processing functions in their products. The need for these specific functionalities also drives development within other electronics industry areas. To better understand these effects on how a diode functions and its bias, one must first ask: what… Read more »

What Are the Most Common Capacitors Your Business Needs to Stock?

Capacitors are passive components used in electrical circuits, fundamental to their operations as inductors and resistors. A two-terminal component, capacitors exist in almost every electronic device, acting similarly to a battery by storing energy. They serve critical applications within electrical circuits, such as complex signal filtering, localized energy storage, and voltage spike suppression. For businesses… Read more »

Featured Manufacturer: Vishay Intertechnology

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Listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol VSH, Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is a Fortune 1000 Company. The company is a leading manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. As a global leader in the electronic parts industry, its revolutionary technology is essential to modern technology.

6 Benefits of Working with Electronic Components Distributors in the USA

electronic components distributor in usa

For decades, manufacturers in the USA have been offshoring their component fabrication operations to places where labor expenses are less and fewer regulations can add to their costs. In 2020, manufacturers across the country got a wake-up call. When the COVID pandemic swept across the globe, it interrupted supply chains worldwide, wreaking havoc on American… Read more »

What Are the Advantages of an Integrated Circuit?

Circuit Board | advantages of integrated circuits

Integrated circuits are the brain and heart of most modern electronic devices and appliances. They populate every circuit board and are integral to much of the technology in the world today, with numerous advantages of integrated circuits. As a microelectronic component or device, integrated circuits undergo stringent processes in fabricating capacitors, diodes, resistors, semiconductors, and… Read more »

Retail vs Wholesale Electronic Components

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In comparison to retailers of electronic parts, electronic component wholesalers tend to have more choice and control over what they sell. This allows their customers to buy whatever electronic parts they need from one place. For an electronic equipment manufacturer, this offers advantages when procuring large quantities of diverse components for their products. Understanding the… Read more »

What Are Gray Market Electronic Components?

active electronic components | What Are Gray Market Electronic Components?

The gray market for electronic components is currently around $60 billion annually, making up from 6 to 8 percent of the electronic components market. Though electronic counterfeiting in the electronics industry has been problematic, it’s also important to understand how it supports the electronics industry’s gray market. Electronic components sold in this way will include… Read more »

Featured Manufacturer: American Power Devices Inc.

american power devices inc

Solid State Inc. carries a wide range of high-quality electronic products made by several reliable manufacturers, including items manufactured by American Power Devices Inc., which fabricate manufacturing and industrial supplies, specifically dealing with semiconductor components and other related electronic parts.  About American Power Devices Inc. With a sales volume between $5-$10 million annually, American Power… Read more »

Sourcing Electronics Components Online: What You Should Know

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Though many electronics distributors moved online before the COVID pandemic, since 2020 Internet-based sales have become the future for all suppliers of electronics. Components’ online sellers have made buying via their own and ecommerce websites easier, and there are many other reasons why digital sales have largely replaced those from brick-and-mortar outlets. Though previously there… Read more »

Passive Electronic Components 101: How They Work and Their Role in Circuits

passive electronic components

Passive electronic components are essential in electrical circuitry. They are not only an integral part of a circuit’s physical structure, but they also help illuminate how electricity works in complex electrical systems. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits often contain these components that operate on their own – or discretely – within these devices…. Read more »

How to Choose the Best Components for Your Electronic Circuit Design

electronic circuit design

Choosing components is one of the most important considerations when developing a new electronic circuit. Designs vary depending on the application and guessing what parts to use often leads to complications. When deciding what components go into a specific schematic, having access to a comprehensive library of components and a knowledgeable partner will help guide… Read more »

10 Advantages of Working with a Trusted Electronic Components Distributor

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Electronic components distributors are not just middlemen. They provide crucial services for customers who require electronic parts while also representing manufacturers’ interests and delivering their products to customers efficiently and effectively. These distributors provide value-added services, including customer support and technical expertise on a scale manufacturers generally cannot.  For manufacturers that require parts, distributors help… Read more »

Featured Manufacturer: Calogic LLC

calogic llc

Quality products are key to Calogic LLC’s success, and Solid State Inc. is delighted to stock the company’s range of products. In line with ISO 9001:2015 – the most recent quality certification by the International Organization for Standardization – Calogic LLC builds reliable and affordable electronic components for semiconductors. Concentrating on rigorous product specifications, efficient… Read more »

How to Dispose of E-Waste from Electronic Components

how to dispose of e-waste

The disposal of e-waste, or electronic waste, is an issue with which the modern world has slowly come to terms. The Global E-waste Statistics Partnership (GESP) – an organization that collects and collates worldwide statistics on e-waste – calculated that in 2019 the United States generated about 6.92 million metric tons (approximately 7.63 million standard… Read more »

Passive vs Active Electronic Components: What’s the Difference?

active electronic components | What Are Gray Market Electronic Components?

Electronic components can be classified as passive or active, depending on their function. Electronic components that inject power into circuits, controlling and amplifying the electrical current as it flows through them, are considered active, while those that do not are passive. Further, passive electronic components neither store nor consume energy, while active components do. One simple… Read more »