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Where’s the Best Place to Buy Electronic Components Online?

best place to buy electronic components online

We have transitioned from store visits to browser clicks for everything, from the mundane to the specialized. While it’s no surprise that businesses are also turning to the web for their component needs, it poses a challenge: amidst the myriad of online retailers, how can businesses pinpoint the best and most reliable source? Is there… Read more »

How to Source Hard-to-Find Electronic Parts

thyristor | hard-to-find electronic parts

The sourcing of certain components at times presents difficulties. Some electronic parts are obsolete and no longer produced, making them hard to find. Electronic parts procurement has also had unprecedented challenges in recent years, with the coronavirus pandemic being one of the more recent hurdles, especially for those components that are hard to find. Electronic… Read more »

Finding a Reliable Electronic Component Distributor

electronic component distributors

After the disruptions in supply chains, high inflation, and labor shortages in 2022 as the United States recovered unevenly from the COVID pandemic, electronic component distributors were looking to 2023 with hope. Though there’s still a bit of a semiconductor shortage globally, the sector has essentially returned to normal, with price pressures easing, particularly for… Read more »

6 Benefits of Working with Electronic Components Distributors in the USA

electronic components distributor in usa

For decades, manufacturers in the USA have been offshoring their component fabrication operations to places where labor expenses are less and fewer regulations can add to their costs. In 2020, manufacturers across the country got a wake-up call. When the COVID pandemic swept across the globe, it interrupted supply chains worldwide, wreaking havoc on American… Read more »

Retail vs Wholesale Electronic Components

electronic component | wholesale electronic components

In comparison to retailers of electronic parts, electronic component wholesalers tend to have more choice and control over what they sell. This allows their customers to buy whatever electronic parts they need from one place. For an electronic equipment manufacturer, this offers advantages when procuring large quantities of diverse components for their products. Understanding the… Read more »

What Are Gray Market Electronic Components?

active electronic components | What Are Gray Market Electronic Components?

The gray market for electronic components is currently around $60 billion annually, making up from 6 to 8 percent of the electronic components market. Though electronic counterfeiting in the electronics industry has been problematic, it’s also important to understand how it supports the electronics industry’s gray market. Electronic components sold in this way will include… Read more »

Sourcing Electronics Components Online: What You Should Know

electronic component search | electronics components online

Though many electronics distributors moved online before the COVID pandemic, since 2020 Internet-based sales have become the future for all suppliers of electronics. Components’ online sellers have made buying via their own and ecommerce websites easier, and there are many other reasons why digital sales have largely replaced those from brick-and-mortar outlets. Though previously there… Read more »

10 Advantages of Working with a Trusted Electronic Components Distributor

electronic components distributor in usa

Electronic components distributors are not just middlemen. They provide crucial services for customers who require electronic parts while also representing manufacturers’ interests and delivering their products to customers efficiently and effectively. These distributors provide value-added services, including customer support and technical expertise on a scale manufacturers generally cannot.  For manufacturers that require parts, distributors help… Read more »

Counterfeit Electronic Components: How (and Why) to Avoid Them

counterfeit electronic components

Counterfeiting is malicious activity. It corrupts our financial systems, technology-driven sectors, and even the spine of modern human productivity: the electronics industry. Counterfeit electronic components remain a significant threat to the electronics industry and cost manufacturers billions yearly.  According to a research article by NC State University, counterfeiting has turned into a full-fledged industry. The… Read more »

How to Purchase and Source Electronic Components

electronic part search

Supply chains faced pressure early on as many governments globally shut down nonessential manufacturing in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Many manufacturers scrambled to find new suppliers who weren’t yet affected. This temporary move away from trusted suppliers created a situation where counterfeiters could more easily pass their wares, bringing on… Read more »

A Guide to Identifying Counterfeits in the Electronic Components Market

electronic components market

Counterfeit products have long plagued the electronics industry. Consumer electronics – including microchips, iPhones, other electronic devices and their components – represent 10% of fake products seized. The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) found that counterfeiting in the US electronic components market cost the industry $7.5 billion in annual revenue and over 11,000 jobs. The FBI… Read more »

Advantages of Sourcing from an Electronics Components Distributor

electronics components distributors

Most people don’t understand the important role distributors play in the supply chain, and particularly when it comes to electronic components. Most buyers just look at the price charged by manufacturers and see the generally lower price of goods direct from manufacturers as reason enough to bypass suppliers. Yet many end-users fail to understand that… Read more »