Month: December 2021

Part 1: Integrated Circuit Functions & Types

integrated circuit functions | inductor vs. capacitor

This blog is Part One of our two-part series highlighting integrated circuit types, functions, and advantages. Arguably the most important invention of the 20th century, an integrated circuit functions as a timer, microprocessor, amplifier, oscillator, or even as computer memory. It’s essential to modern computers, and the basis for the vast majority of electronic equipment… Read more »

Advantages of Sourcing from an Electronics Components Distributor

electronics components distributors

Most people don’t understand the important role distributors play in the supply chain, and particularly when it comes to electronic components. Most buyers just look at the price charged by manufacturers and see the generally lower price of goods direct from manufacturers as reason enough to bypass suppliers. Yet many end-users fail to understand that… Read more »

Featured Manufacturer: Kingbright


One of the central tenets of our business and a crucial reason why customers view Solid State Inc. as a leading distributor of top-quality electronic components is that we align ourselves with the best in the business. Kingbright has been at the top of the LED manufacturing game for more than three decades, pushing the… Read more »