Month: September 2020

Featured Manufacturer: NTE Electronics

NTE Logo

Solid State Inc. is proud to be a distributor of the best quality electronic components. We carry a range of products by trusted manufacturers, including NTE Electronics, Inc., who have been a leading supplier of NTE and ECG brand name components for over 40 years. From NASA space projects to medical applications – and essentially… Read more »

Transistor Basics: Types of Transistors & Applications


Transistors are semiconductor devices that allow for the existence of electronics that you use regularly, such as cell phones, radios, calculators and computers. There are several types of transistors to consider for different applications, so it’s crucial to understand the basic principles of how a transistor operates.

Advantages of Zener Diodes for Circuit Functionality

diodes | Applications of PN Junction Diodes

A zener diode is a type of rectifying semiconductor diode that is used to regulate voltage in a circuit, working in a reverse-bias mode to avoid failure. Semiconductor diodes allow a current to flow in only one direction, but zener diodes allow the current to also flow in the opposite direction when exposed to enough… Read more »