Featured Manufacturer: Kingbright

One of the central tenets of our business and a crucial reason why customers view Solid State Inc. as a leading distributor of top-quality electronic components is that we align ourselves with the best in the business. Kingbright has been at the top of the LED manufacturing game for more than three decades, pushing the boundaries of innovation in a way that only they can. Check out more below on this brand and why Solid State Inc. is proud to distribute its products.

About Kingbright

To the uninformed, a display is just a display. But when that display represents a way for a healthcare practitioner to keep tabs on a patient through medical designs utilized in surgical, diagnostic, preventive, or cosmetic applications, it’s bigger than that. Yet, healthcare illumination LEDs are just some of the parts Kingbright produces for our customers.

Kingbright has four different manufacturing plants in China, all accredited with IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification, and sales offices throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. While the company has a wide and comprehensive footprint, it prides itself on attentive customer service, a trait that it shares with Solid State Inc.

History of Kingbright

Kingbright was originally founded in 1980, and many view the company as one of Taiwan’s pioneers in LED manufacturing. In the time since, it has witnessed tremendous growth, expanding from a small local business to a multi-national enterprise that serves the globe. During that expansion, they established its North American operation, known as Kingbright USA, in Los Angeles, California.

Kingbright Products

Research and development is at the core of Kingbright’s mission and vision, a testament to its commitment to delivering continuous innovation. The company offers a comprehensive LED product line, encompassing a wide range of components that include:

  • SMD LEDs and displays
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Through-hole LEDs and displays
  • Circuit board indicators
  • Other LED-related products

Shop Kingbright Products at Solid State Inc.

Solid State Inc. proudly distributes Kingbright products used in an array of industries and with a wide variety of equipment types. If you’re interested in shopping our line of high-efficiency LED components, please view our online inventory or request a quote today.