Sourcing Electronics Components Online: What You Should Know

Though many electronics distributors moved online before the COVID pandemic, since 2020 Internet-based sales have become the future for all suppliers of electronics. Components’ online sellers have made buying via their own and ecommerce websites easier, and there are many other reasons why digital sales have largely replaced those from brick-and-mortar outlets. Though previously there were concerns about the quality of Internet-sourced components, these have largely been dealt with, leading to more customers than ever sourcing and buying electronics components online.

For those who manufacture electronics, components from online sources are making fabrication of many products easier and more efficient. When dealing with a reliable supplier, all parts they stock are traceable along the supply chain, right to the source of their manufacture. Regardless of the size of the business, ordering electronic components online can increase a company’s efficiency while also saving money.

Basics of Sourcing Electronics Components Online

Like any other type of eCommerce, technology sold via the Internet has become imperative to the sale of electronics. Components online from reputable dealers are no different from those bought in person or ordered via other means. The efficiency of buying through digital channels often makes it a preferred method for many manufacturers needing electronic components quickly.

Within seconds, online buyers can filter out extraneous information, making investigation and purchase of electronic components easier. Often, this will involve just a couple of clicks. The most user-friendly sites even allow customers to filter components by part number, product name, manufacturer, cost or other aspects important to a customer.

Another aspect of buying electronic components online is the ability to place orders from anywhere, and at any time. This is hugely convenient, as it allows the purchaser to netter evaluate prices and access a wider variety of electronics. Components online can also be ordered more easily from international markets, which expands a manufacturer’s ability to source the correct parts. In this way, manufacturers can be assured that they’re getting the right part at the right price

Benefits of Buying Electronics Components Online

Sourcing electronic components online allows manufacturers access to a wider range of electronics. Components online can come from anywhere in the world, including from the other side of the world. While a local or regional distributor may not have what’s needed in stock, an electronics distributor further away may stock the needed piece of electronics. Components from online sources may even include rarer parts that are hard to get.

Some other benefits of buying electronic parts online include:

  • Delivery fees are included.
  • Identifying where components come from and their authenticity becomes easier, as details about them are readily available online, including photos of the parts.
  • Often multiple orders made with the same supplier can be combined for a small fee.
  • Online electronics retailers normally have higher levels of customer support, often with live chat features or a phone number accessible during normal working hours.
  • Parts can be brought directly to the customer’s door.
  • Same day shipping is becoming increasingly available for electronic components.
  • Saving time on sourcing components.
  • Speeding the delivery of electronic parts to the customer.
  • Tracing where orders are along the supply chain becomes easier through the use of tracking and order numbers.

As a bonus, Internet shopping for electronic components allows electronics manufacturers to keep the parts they need constantly in stock, helping prevent unnecessary downtime. For electronics, components ordered online these days get delivered very quickly, even if they’re shipped from hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. Many electronics distributors even offer same day delivery, which is essential for manufacturers on tight timetables. Once an order has been set up, it’s also easy to repeat this same order, as the best distributors’ websites remember former purchases.

Buying Hard-to-Get Electronics & Components Online

There are, however, a few safeguards that those buying electronic components online should take. This is especially true when trying to source hard-to-get items. Anyone purchasing electronic parts should take care that they’re getting what they ordered, regardless of how the purchase is made. In fact, it’s just as important for in-person sales as it is for online purchases.

When looking for electronics or components online, customers should ensure:

  • Channels for payment are properly protected.
  • Details like catalogue or model numbers are readily available on the site.
  • Guarantees and warranties are available on all products.
  • Hundreds of products are listed on the website, not just hard-to-get ones.
  • There are multiple good reviews on sites like Google, Trust Pilot or other review sites.

As another means by which manufacturers can check their electronics, components online that are commonly used often are mentioned in various forums, newsletters or blogs on distributors’ websites.

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For those still hesitating at using the Internet to purchase electronics, components from online sources can initially be ordered in smaller batches from a well-established distributor. That way you can understand how such a simple change in the electronic part ordering process can transform the way you do business.

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