Pushing the Limits: Creating Green Jobs

We are all hearing the buzz words regarding the next green technology. With our countries advanced resources we challenge young engineers and our established known design houses to push the limits.

The oil and natural gas industry needs no stimulus; we need no earmarks. We are not asking anything from the government, but one simple proposition–opportunity. Today, and for many years, oil and natural gas resources in the United States have been off limits. Over a year ago, the Congress finally lifted the moratorium that put off limits over 80 percent of all the oil and natural gas resources in the United States. Unfortunately, the Department of the Interior (DOI) has to approve the expanded leasing of those lands. And for the first year in office, they have not done that. We run the risk that we’re not going to have enough lands to develop and to find these resources going forward. We believe it’s important to the future of this country, during these tough economic times, to develop these resources and find the jobs and produce the energy the American public wants. Again, all we need is an opportunity. We’re not asking for a handout or anything from taxpayers–just give us the opportunity to go look, to go find and then to develop these resources for the benefit of all Americans.