AVX Extends MLC Tempeture Range

AVX is proud to announce the release of our new X8L High Temperature & High Capacitance dielectric. X8L dielectric offers extended capacitance ranges when compared to X8R.

Some key features/benefits include:

  • High Capacitance for 150°C applications
  • Flexiterm® available for critical mechanical and thermal cycling applications
  • AECQ-200 available
  • Epoxy termination available for hybrid applications
  • X8L Temperature characteristic is: +/-15% in the operating temperature range of: -55°C to 125°C; and +15/-40% in the temperature range extending to +150°C
  • X8L has a higher capacitance range than X8R, up to 1 uF and it enables high capacitance designs where operating temperature will approach 150°C.
  • Together with the AVX Flexiterm® option, it is an ideal product for critical mechanical and thermal cycling applications. Typical applications include automotive engine management and temperature sensors. Optional epoxy terminations also allow this component to be used in special hybrid industrial/automotive applications as well.