Featured Manufacturer: Bergquist Distributors

A necessary part of any electronic system, thermal control continues to be a growing challenge, particularly in industry systems with complex designs and compact footprints. Bergquist Distributors is one of the most trusted global brands when it comes to thermal management. 

Their thermal solutions have a variety of applications that extend the lifetimes of devices and systems while optimizing their performance. Its formulations provide critical applications for dissipating heat and are used in electronic devices in industries that include:

  • Automotive 
  • Communications 
  • Consumer electronics
  • Data transmission
  • Industrial automation
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications 

Efficiently controlling heat is necessary to boost performance and reduce failures due to overheating in all sorts of machinery and industrial equipment. 

About Bergquist Distributors

Bergquist Distributors manufactures thermal control products and is based in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area, with its headquarters located in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It provides thermal management solutions throughout Asia and the Pacific, Europe and North America, serving various industries, including consumer and industrial electronics, automotive and LED lighting. With six production sites – five in the United States and one in China – the company employs approximately 1000 people. In addition to its standing globally, Bergquist Distributors has also won multiple awards for its technology.

History of Bergquist Distributors

Founded in 1964, Bergquist Distributors generated nearly $160 million sales before being acquired by Henkel – a German adhesives manufacturer – in 2014. By acquiring Bergquist Distributors, Henkel expanded its reach further into the electronic materials market. 

With Bergquist’s cutting-edge thermal control products, Henkel sought to advance its business strategy by: 

  • Improving its position as a leader in adhesive technology worldwide
  • Increasing business in key markets, especial in Asia, the Pacific rim, North America and Europe
  • Positioning itself within growing markets to expand further into the electronics sector

Jan-Dirk Auris – Henkel’s Executive Vice President of Adhesive Technologies – says this about Henkel’s purchase of Bergquist Distributors:  

“With this acquisition – which is in line with our global strategy to invest in complementary leading technologies – we are strengthening our position as a global market and technology leader. Bergquist’s track record in developing unique thermal-management solutions fits our commitment to providing best-in-class customized solutions.” 

Bergquist Distributors Products

Their products help industries deal with multiple challenges relating to thermal control. The three main categories include: 

Liquid Gap Fillers: made in two parts, these gap fillers conduct heat while molding around materials, reducing the stress on machinery to almost nothing. 

Thermal Gap Pads: help improve functioning and reliability by providing effective interfaces between heat sinks and electrical devices. Products include: 

  • Gap Pad® TGP 6000ULM
  • Gap Pad® TGP 7000ULM
  • Gap Pad HC 5.0
  • Gap Pad® 1500
  • Gap Pad® VO Ultra Soft

Thermal Sil-Pads: provide exceptional and cost-efficient thermal performance with less mess than grease and greater resilience than products made from mica.  These include: 

  • Sil-Pad® 900S
  • Sil-Pad® K-10

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