Featured Manufacturer: Calogic LLC

Quality products are key to Calogic LLC’s success, and Solid State Inc. is delighted to stock the company’s range of products. In line with ISO 9001:2015 – the most recent quality certification by the International Organization for Standardization – Calogic LLC builds reliable and affordable electronic components for semiconductors. Concentrating on rigorous product specifications, efficient processes in manufacturing and a focus on customer satisfaction, Calogic LLC provides value-added service, custom packaging, and testing to meet all its customers’ needs.   

About Calogic LLC

Located in Fremont, California, the company’s core business relies on designing, processing, and manufacturing analog semiconductors for various industries. Calogic LLC seeks to form lasting strategic partnerships with its customers, offering technical expertise as a key part of its customer service. The company’s wafer fabrication process has become a model for quality within the semiconductor industry. Above all, Calogic LLC seeks to meet customers’ requirements by delivering quality products while fostering an environment of continual innovation and development. Additionally, the company has achieved REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) certification. A regulatory structure within the European Union, REACH monitors products imported into the EU to ensure they do not contain toxic chemicals that could negatively affect the environment or human health. This legislation requires that suppliers like Calogic LLC register any chemicals and products within their products intended for the EU market, with the European Chemicals Agency ensuring that the company complies with REACH standards for all its components. 

History of Calogic LLC

Initially founded in 1983 as the Calogic Corporation, the company was initially owned by semiconductor manufacturer Sipex Corporation. The company became Calogic LLC in March 2001, purchasing certain assets from its former parent company to establish its presence in the semiconductor industry. It retained intellectual property rights to CMOS, DMOS, JFET, and Dielectrically Isolated technology products and processes. Jonathan Kaye, the company’s president, and owner since September 2001 has organized efforts to obtain ISO and other certifications to make it a leading manufacturer of quality semiconductor parts. Meanwhile, its Fremont location continues to manufacture, assemble and test its products. 

Calogic LLC Products

This brand produces a line of products that are standard for the semiconductor industry, and its capabilities include proficiency in building a full range of custom-built integrated circuits. Their products include: 

  • DMOS Switches
  • JFET Switches
  • JFET Amplifiers
  • JFET Diodes
  • Buffers & Amplifiers
  • Power Management

This company has developed and continues to develop mutually beneficial relationships with distributors and suppliers worldwide for its products to create further value for its customers. 

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As a distributor of Calogic LLC’s products, Solid State offers a full range of electronic components, including integrated circuits, switches, diodes, and other electronic parts used in semiconductor fabrication. Our company offers a means by which customers can easily search Solid State’s inventory by manufacturer or component number. We also have experts who can advise any customer’s specific needs. To view any electronic components, including components made by Calogic LLC, we invite you to browse our online inventory or contact us directly to request a quote.