Isocom Quick Product Guide

As we explore the social networking advantages here at Solid State Inc, we are slowly going to incorporate our franchise news and press releases for you to read. Our goal is to reach the international market and give a spotlight to those brands which are leaders in next generation designs.  Below you will find a graph of products that Isocom offers.  Click the product link for further technical information.

Isocom Components is a leading manufacturer of high performance infrared optoelectronic devices specialising in optocouplers and optoswitches. Since the business was established over 15 years ago we have consistently delivered in excess of our customer’s expectations to become one of the most respected brands in the worldwide optoelectronic industry.

4N25 4N26 4N27
4N28 4N29 4N30 4N31
4N32 4N33 4N35 4N36
4N37 4N38 4N38A CNX72A
CNX83AG CNY17-1 CNY17-2 CNY17-3
CNY17-4 CNY17-5 CNY17F-1 CNY17F-2
CNY17F-2 CNY17F-3 CNY17F-4 CNY17F-5
CQY80 H11A1 H11A2 H11A3
H11A4 H11A5 H11AA1 H11AA2
H11AA3 H11AA4 H11AV1 H11AV2
H11AV3 H11B1 H11B2 H11B3
H11G1 H11G2 H11G3 H11J1
H11J2 H11J3 H11J4 H11J5
H11L1 H11L1 H11L2 H11L2
H11L3 H11L3 H11L4 H11L4
IL1 IL2 IL5 IL74
IS1 IS121 IS201 IS202
IS203 IS204 IS205 IS205-1
IS205-2 IS205-3 IS206 IS3009
IS3010 IS3011 IS3012 IS3020
IS3021 IS3022 IS3023 IS3030
IS3031 IS3032 IS3033 IS3051
IS3052 IS4N46 IS5 IS6003
IS6005 IS6010 IS6015 IS6015
IS6030 IS604 is607 IS608
IS609 IS620 IS621 IS622
IS623 IS660 IS661 IS662
IS725 IS733 IS74 IS829
IS849 IS900 ISD1 ISD2
ISD201 ISD201 ISD201-1 ISD201-2
ISD201-3 ISD202 ISD203 ISD204
ISD5 ISD74 ISP321-1 ISP321-2
ISP321-4 ISP521-1 ISP521-2 ISP521-4
ISP620-1 ISP620-2 ISP620-4 ISP621-1
ISP621-2 ISP621-4 ISP624-1 ISP624-4
ISP626-1 ISP626-2 ISP626-4 ISP627-1
ISP814 ISP814-1 ISP814-2 ISP814-3
ISP815 ISP815-1 ISP815-2 ISP815-3
ISP817 ISP817-1 ISP817-2 ISP817-3
ISP824 ISP825 ISP825-1 isp825-2
ISP825-3 ISP827 ISP827-1 ISP827-2
ISP827-3 ISP844 ISP845 ISP845-1
ISP845-2 ISP845-3 ISP847 ISP847-1
ISP847-2 ISP847-3 ISPD60 ISPD61
ISQ201 ISQ202 ISQ203 ISQ204
ISPD65 ISQ201 ISQ202 ISQ203
ISQ204 ISQ204-1 ISQ204-2 ISQ204-3
ISQ5 ISQ74 MCA2230 MCA2231
MCA230 MCA231 MCA255 MCA255
MCT2 MCT210 MCT2200 MCT2201
MCT2202 MCT270 MCT271 MCT272
MCT273 MCT274 MCT275 MCT276
MCT62 MCT66 MOC3009 MOC3010
MOC3012 MOC3020 MOC3021 MOC3022
MOC3023 MOC3030 MOC3031 MOC3032
MOC3033 MOC3040 MOC3041 MOC3042
MOC3043 MOC3051 MOC3052 MOC3060
MOC3061 MOC3062 MOC3063 MOC3080
MOC3081 MOC3082 MOC3083 MOC5007
MOC5008 MOC5009 MOC8020 MOC8021
MOC8030 MOC8050 MOC8100 MOC8101
MOC8102 MOC8103 MOC8104 MOC8105
MOC8106 MOC8107 MOC8107 MOC8108
MOC8111 MOC8112 MOC8113 PC817
PS2501-1 PS2501-2 PS2501-4 PS2502-1
PS2502-2 PS2502-4 PS2505-1 PS2505-2
PS2505-4 SFH609-1 SFH609-2 SFH609-3
SFH615A-1 SFH615A-2 SFH615A-3 SFH615A-4
SFH617A-1 SFH617A-2 SFH617A-3 SFH617A-4
SFH617G-1 SFH617G-2 SFH617G-3 SFH617G-4
SFH618A-1 SFH618A-2 SFH618A-3 SFH618A-4
SFH620A-1 SFH620A-2 SFH620A-3 SFH628A-1
SFH628A-2 SFH628A-3 test TIL111
TIL113 TIL114 TIL116 TIL117
TIL119 TIL191 TIL191A TIL191B
TIL192 TIL192A TIL192B TIL193
TIL193A TIL193B TIL194 TIL194A
TIL194B TIL195 TIL195A TIL195B
TIL196 TIL196A TIL196B TIL197
TIL197A TIL197B TIL198 TIL198A
TIL198B TIL199 TIL199A TIL199B
TLP121 TLP126 TLP127 TLP181
TLP321-1 TLP321-2 TLP321-4 TLP521-1
TLP521-2 TLP521-4 TLP620-1 TLP620-2
TLP620-4 TLP621-1 TLP621-2 TLP621-4
TLP624-1 TLP624-2 TLP624-2 TLP624-4
TLP626-1 TLP626-2 TLP626-4 TLP627-1

If you are interested in any of the products listed above, simply fill out a request for quote form found on the right column of our main page. We look forward to helping with your franchise requests.