Part 2: Advantages & Applications of Integrated Circuits

This blog is Part Two of our two-part series highlighting integrated circuit design types, functions, and advantages. [Follow the links for Part One here.]

Although each type of integrated circuit functions in specific ways that perform specialized tasks, innumerable modern electronic devices depend upon them and would not work without them. Below, we highlight some of today’s primary advantages of integrated circuit design in technology.

Advantages of Integrated Circuits

The integration of circuits on silicon chips has provided advantages over older technology by:

  • Allowing devices to be manufactured so that they are much smaller and lighter. 
  • Making devices more reliable and reducing their failure rate because integrated circuits require no soldering so that there are small temperature rises and fewer interconnections when manufactured. 
  • Reducing power requirements due to their smaller size. 
  • Replacing becomes easier as whole chips can more easily be changed out. 
  • Using mass production techniques that reduce price. 

These advantages allowed considerable improvements in integrated circuit design over time that worked their way into every modern electronic device. Digital watches rely on them for keeping track of seconds, minutes, hours, days and months, while scientific calculators depend on them to perform basic and more advanced functions. The applications are nearly endless.

Integrated Circuit Applications

Integrated circuits have improved not only our desktop and laptop computers but also automobiles, televisions, MP3 players, gaming consoles, cell phones, cameras, airplanes, spacecraft, and other devices that utilize advanced electronics. Though they have been with us for less than seven decades, the integrated circuit functions are now so ingrained within modern technology that our world wouldn’t operate effectively without them.

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